Monday, October 18, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Looking Over Vienna

Looking Over Vienna, originally uploaded by slinky2000.

Segway Beta....

Serious Business: Would you care for some panda cheese?

Serious Business: Would you care for some panda cheese?: "Another hilarious ad campaign. This time it's cheese. Panda cheese. Just watch the video. :)"

iphone 4 or Desire HD

So my old iphone 3g is long past it's sell by date. Is now the time to upgrade? The HTC Desire HD is coming out in a few weeks and I'm very tempted.

At least it supports Flash!

See here for more info...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

iOS Applications and Flash

Apple announced that they have removed the restriction on 3rd-party development tools for creating applications for iOS devices. From Adobe’s perspective this is of course great news. Since the announcement, I have seen a lot of confusing new stories, tweets, and comments about what this actually means so let me clarify things a bit.

What this means
This theoretically allow developers to use the Flash CS5 iPhone packager to create applications for the iPhone and iPad. We also announced yesterday that we will resume development work on the packager.

What this does NOT mean
This does not mean that the Flash Player will be coming to iOS as part of Mobile Safari. It also doesn’t mean that AIR will be natively supported as it will be on Android.

So this is great news for Flash developers who want to target iOS devices with their applications. I truly hope that quality applications built using Flash will finally be able to make it onto the app store. Only time will tell but I am cautiously optimistic.